Usability-Evaluationsmethoden - Interaktive Auswahlhilfe

Usability Evaluation Methods—an interactive selection guide
Developed by Luise Künnemann

For evaluating the usability of any desired product, a variety of methods, so-called usability evaluation methods (UEMs), is available. This interactive selection guide allows a preselection of potentially suitable UEMs for a planned use—depending on parameters that follow from the individual situation of application.

The preselection of the interactive selection guide is effected by means of answering questions that enable an assessment of a UEM’s potential suitability. It is possible to skip questions, however, this leads to a more indistinct preselection of potentially suitable UEMs, as the precision of the selection diminishes with a decreasing number of questions answered. If more than one answer can be given per question, it can be specified in addition whether all (AND) or just one (OR) of the answer options shall be relevant for the sorting. In addition to that, according to the individual situation of application, the weighting of the questions, which is evenly distributed initially, can be modified in order to account for personal preferences or requirements through a higher relevance of respective question(s). Complementary suggestions and further information for the application are provided together with the concluding UEM recommendation. These additional information are downloadable in PDF format for each of the UEMs in the selection guide.
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